Monday, January 7, 2013

Where do the hours go in a day??

I know I have not posted in a few days. I honestly have no idea where the hours go in a day :) I have been keeping track of everything just haven't had a chance to actually sit down and write it on a post. I am thinking I may have to do this for 2 months since I eat way more frozen leftovers than I thought. Lol. It is hard to keep track of how much they cost.

I am still unplugged even though Wyatt has his protests at times. There are also times I wish I could just turn the tv on so he can sit while I do something. We are on our third magic treehouse book and we have read many other books. We have painted, played with playdoh, gone on adventure walks, cleaned out some books to pass on to another homeschool family, made up our own tv show, played outside a lot, made treasure maps, played flashlight tag and many other things to occupy our time. I honestly am shocked by how much time I have wasted on the computer and TV. I guess that is the whole point of going unplugged. You forget by the time January comes around again though :)

I have read a couple books and I go to bed earlier than before. I find I am more relaxed and the house is cleaner and more organized. I have found the game "words with friends" and I can see that game taking over my time quickly if I allowed it.

Friday - Breakfast was oatmeal (we are trying to reintroduce oats into our diet) and some kiwi. Lunch was leftover chicken and root vegetables. Supper was the last of the chili and cauli potatoes. The day cost less than a dollar since it was leftovers

Saturday - Breakfast was bacon and eggs ($3). Lunch was cauli rice with sautéed peppers and onion along with chicken sausage, I get these from a man at the market and I love them!! ($8.50) supper was some root vegetables (left over from freezer) with the rest of the sausage, peppers and rice. We drank a half bottle of grape juice too :) ($2.50) Total of $14 for the day.

We went to the market today and spent $45 we got 2 bottles of grape juice, a basket of beets, 6 heads of garlic, 4 chicken sausage, a huge bag of apples (about 15), 6 pairs, 54 eggs, a bottle of apple cider and a bouquet of flowers (Wyatt picks one out every Saturday. I love always having fresh flowers on my table). I can't wait for warmer weather for all the fresh local produce!

Sunday - we were in and out of the house today and didn't really eat any specific meal at home. We didn't eat breakfast (before you say "how could you skip breakfast" we really just follow our bodies. Wyatt wasn't hungry and neither was I so why force it.) We had some lunch at a friends. We snacked on oranges, boiled eggs, leftover chicken, beef jerky, pears, cheese and left over cauli rice. I would say the day cost about $4 (we made the beef jerky which makes it soooo much cheaper).

Monday - we had some beef jerky and raw cucumber and peppers for breakfast. Lunch was mustard glazed chicken breasts with peppers and butternut squash. Supper was leftover (from the freezer) pork tenderloin, root vegetables and spinach. $6 for the day.

I am just going to keep track of the money used/spent on the bottom of my post. I am writing down what each meal cost me everyday but also what I am spending on groceries. 2 different totals but since I already have food in the house I couldn't just keep track of the amount of food I buy. I will figure it all out by the end of the month :)

Total meals made to date = $30
Total groceries bought to date = $45


Kristy said...

The new template looks good, is this the one you are keeping?

Kim said...

I don't know .. lol .. I like how bright this one is though :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than homemade grape juice eh!? I make it every summer.... So easy. So delicious!

Kim said...

We love it!!