Monday, February 20, 2017

It's more than "just one treat"

I hear so often "just let him have the treat it's only one" or "it's just for today". I have a child that is extremely affected by food so we are pretty strict with how we eat on a regular basis. I find people judge. They judge because they think I'm being extreme to make sure my kid eats healthy. They judge because they think I look down on parents that let their kids eat the treats. They judge because they think I'm just being controlling. I am judged often because of food. It is that my son can not control his behavior when he eats certain additives in foods. That one candy can affect him for 36 hours. It is not fair of me as a parent to let him have that food then have him get in trouble the rest of the day because of his actions. 

I am writing about this today because in 2 hours walking around our little town I was reminded how food is everywhere. 

Today we went to the butcher and they had little candies in a dish at the cash and offered the kids one. We went to the bank and again there was a candy dish with mints that were offered to the kids. We went to the store where they had a tester for cookies. Everywhere we went there was some kind of "treat" for them. I was told by one person that it's "just one treat". No it is so much more than just one treat! 

I get looks and the kids make a fuss but we politely decline. We keep some better options in the truck and we move on. It is everywhere and I'm not being mean by not letting my kids have that one treat. 

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