Friday, May 3, 2013

30x30 challenge. Getting outside!!

Today is day 2 and again it was very easy in the beautiful weather to get outside for more than 30 minutes!!

We went to a couple parks today, Wyatt played with his cousin at his grandparents, we played good guys and bad guys (he made up the name. Lol) in the backyard and took a small walk around the block listening to the different birds at dusk.

We also went to see a boy named Hooch. He is a dog up for adoption at the Welland humane society. He is a beautiful boy that just needs to learn some manners :) we lost our dog about 3 weeks ago and it is taking everything in me not to bring Hooch home. Lol.

It was a pretty relaxing day :) my knee is on the mend and I have the ok for activity again so we will be biking this weekend for sure!!

This is Hooch :) He needs a new name and a home! 

This is actually from Wednesday evening but I had to post it. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was making me a gift. 

This is the gift :) It is a small piece of wood wrapped in a napkin and a flower nailed to it. I love him!!

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