Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas shopping

I am happy to say I am done my Christmas shopping and wrapping. Every year I buy things early then I find the coolest things right before Christmas and end up buying way too much for the kids. My theory is that I should wait until the last minute and buy it all at once so I don't over buy.

I found a new online store that I have been looking through and can't stop ..lol. It is the csn stores. They have everything from toys for the kids, knives for the inlaws, towels for the house and TV stands for flat screens. I wish I would have seen this store before I finished all my shopping. You have to check them out. I am thinking I am going to do a review and giveaway in the new year with them.

Amazon had a huge sale on Melissa and Doug sets so of course I had to pick some of those up after I was already done my shopping. Everywhere seems to be having sales now that I am all done shopping. I MUST stop shopping!!

How do you do your Christmas shopping? Do you start early and pace it out or do you wait until December and do it all at once?


Sarah said...

I start in JULY!! But I love me a good deal so some of the toy deals have been purchased for next year's birthdays

Kim said...

I have been saving some for next year because they were too old for Wyatt now but such a great deal! I end up using some for gifts for other kids throughout the year as well.

**Ashley P** said...

This year I bought things if I couldn't wait closer to December. Then I waited until black Friday and went online to toys r us and got some great deals. Of course us moms always do the last minute as well when we go somewhere we always buy more.